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Soaking Wet

When I'm all dry

and haven't found a wave

I feel all couped up

like living in a cave.

My legs all heavy

feet on the ground

feels like I'm draggin'

granite rocks around.

Back is all stiff

an ache and a pain

energy zapped

it's all gone down the drain.


Then I get a glimpse of ocean

sparkling bright and blue

lifting up my head

a wiff of offshore too?

Suddenly my mood will swing

where things don't seem so grim

get a smile on my face

need to act on a whim.

To turn this day around

and fill it full of zest

there is no doubt in my mind

'cause now I'm headed west.

I've made it to the beach

and there's one thing you can bet

nothing makes me more alive

than when I'm soaking wet.

copyright 2005 Andy Harney

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