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The ocean putting things on shore.

Driftwood softened and smoothed during its journey to the sand.

Broken shells that once contained life.

Foamy white shows the end of the water.

You can almost taste the salty sea.

My feet sink into the ocean soaked sand.

Sitting, resting on a piece of driftwood.

It smells like the sea.

I can feel the ocean breeze.

Looking up I see hungry seagulls.

Look down there are scurrying crabs.

Listen to whales in conversation.

Footprints show that people have been here.

Pieces of bread from picnics on the beach.

A sand castle partly broke.

I sit on a rock a starfish is doing the same.

Fish fly in the water.

A seal glides into the sea to get its evening meal.

Stepping into the water.

I can feel the sand being pulled under my feet.

Shells are going out to sea.

The ocean pulling things from shore.


©2005Brianna Bell


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