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Dawn Patrol


When the roosters crowin' I start a scratchin' my head,
Gotta flop over get myself outta bed.
Grab a cup o joe and in the car I roll,
Y'a know I want to get movin' , I'm on dawn patrol.
Gone at first light of a dawning day,
I'm off to go check my favorite beaches and bay.
I'm lookin' for waves that on my board I can ride,
I wanna find it right with the perfect tide.
Well I find a wave of substantial height,
It's a peak in the middle with a left and a right.
So I spend my morning on the waves I will glide,
enjoying myself on every ride.
The water is glassy with no wind in sight,
the waves are breaking with all of their might.
Dropin' in and carvin' the wall,
do a big turn and then I stall.
Tucked so tight in the curl I will ride,
inside the tube that's where I hide.
Now my sessions over and I'm on with the day,
Y'a know I'm all stoked as I make my way.
Tho the surfin' lasts for just a short while,
I can make the whole day with a grin and a smile.
copyright 2002 Andy Harney


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