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Beautiful Giant

I found a giant

That holds a secret to keep

Whose heart is defiant

And depths are too deep.


His body will lurch

And twist and bend

For those who search

Will find no end.


His mysteries are hidden beneath a surface of glass

But I warn you, beware

If he gets angry, he won’t let you pass

Through the shadows that lie ahead there.


While I search for secrets below

I am in a soundless world of blue

I am alone, for all I know

But there are things all around watching me to.


I must stay keen

For he will bless me well

And he did! With wondrous things I had never seen

That I don’t have words to tell.


This beautiful monster that is alive today

Has a never-ending life of motion

An amazing world, where I’d love to stay

Is nothing but the ocean.



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