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The Flat

I heard of this place with a perfect point break

all my friends say its a trip you got to make.

Only problem is it's eight miles from the road

and you got to walk the beach carring your load.

So I get it in my head I 'm going to make the trip

cause when I see these peeling waves

I know my mind will flip.

Loading up the pack with a board and all my stuff

it weighs fifty pounds oh I hope I got enough.

Trudging down the beach in the midday sun

I don't know how I thought this would be much fun.

Spend all day hiking and sweating through my hat

till I make it to the place that they all call The Flat.

The Flat

Standing on the grassy knoll and looking down the way

its got a tripple point and sparkling double bay.

Camping on the beach watching waves roll in so clean

having to remind myself this place is not a dream.

Shared the surf with a happy soulful crew

had a lot of fun and made some new friends too.

Enjoying several days of surfing and watching waves roll in

I came to the reality

I have to hike back home again.

So after hiking all that way and getting parched in the troat

next time I go to surf The Flat

I'll make my way by boat.

©2005 Andy Harney

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