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My Beach

There is a place I go

from time to time

it's always beautiful

all of the time.

A trestle runs past

where the trains used to cross

and out on the shore

the waves churn and toss.

Up ahead just a bit

there's a tide pool full of water

with rocks on one side

sand on the other.

Out in the water

seals swim and play,

surfers ride waves

till late in the day.

The whales swim past

out their hole shoots a spout

"Did you see that one"

we happily shout.

But for me

on the beach

is where the action takes place

We roll and we run

and sometimes we race.

We dig and scoop

and pack with our hand

form fantasy castles out of the sand.

We play with the kelp

and whip it around

then smash the bulb

to hear the popping sound.

Then mom yells out

"It's time to go home"

we all let out with

one big "Moan"

"It's too soon to go home,

can we come here again?"

She nods her head

"I can't wait till then"


©2000 Andy Harney

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