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Go Surf 2-5 players

Remove Wipe out card from deck. Deal five cards to each player, place the balance of the cards in the center of all players. Starting from the left of the dealer, the 1st player asks another player for a particular card, one of which they hold in their hand. If the player they ask has that card, they hand over all the cards of that kind to the player that asked. If they do not have that card they respond Go Surf and the player must draw a card from the center stack. If a player receives the card that they asked for from another player or the stack, they go again. If not it's the next players turn. Four alike cards are a book. Players continue to collect books until all the cards are gone. The player with the most books wins.


Wipe Out 2-5 players

Deal all the cards to players including the Wipe Out card. Each player reviews their hand and removes any pairs (2 of a kind). Starting form the left of the dealer each player draws a card from any other player they wish. When they have a pair of cards they remove that pair from their hand. As play progresses all pairs will be removed from play and one player will be left with the Wipe Out card. At the end of the game the player holding the Wipe Out card is out, the player with the most pairs wins


Watch the line up 2-5 players

Remove the Wipe out card from the deck. Lay out all cards face down. First player turns over two cards and tries to make a matched pair of pictures. If no match is made, turn the cards back over. Take turns turning over cards to make pairs, when a player makes a pair they keep it. When all the cards are gone, the player with the most pairs wins.



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Go surf  Card Game


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Crazy Surf 2-5 players

from :Joanie in Pacific Beach, CA

Deal out five cards to all players. Place rest of cards in center of all players, dealer turns over top card and sets it face up along side center stack. Play proceeds to the left of the dealer. Player must match previously played card by image or color suit on card. If they have a card they play it on top of the other card. If not they must draw from the center stack until they get a match and play that card. If a player holds the Wipe Out card they may play it at any time and call out a color suit, the next player must match that color suit. Players take turns matching previously played cards. If the center stack runs out of cards, leave the last card played and shuffle the rest of the cards and place them face down as the center stack. First player to use up all their cards wins.


Lip Slap 2-5 players

from: Savanna in San Diego, CA

Deal all cards out to players. Do not look at your hand. Starting from the left of the dealer and playing clockwise, players one at a time turnover their top unseen card, quickly and without peeking, drops the card into the center of all players. Players take turns dropping cards. When the Off the Lip card is played on to the stack the first player to slap the lip gets all the cards in the stack. Those cards become part of that players hand. If a player uses all of their cards they are out of the game. Play continues until one player holds all of the cards, they are the winner.


Surf 'n Spoons 2-6 players

from: Kit in Loomis, CA

Lay out enough spoons for all players, less one spoon. Place spoons in center of all players. Deal out three cards to each player. Dealer sets down rest of deck and one at a time draws a card to see if they can make three of a kind if not they pass on the cards face down to the next player, that player looks at the card and if they can use it to make three of a kind they keep that card and pass on another card from their hand. Players keep no more than three cards in their hand at any time. Cards are passed from the dealer on to the other players in a clockwise rotation. As soon as a player attains three of the same cards they take a spoon from the center . When one player takes a spoon all the other players must grab a spoon. The one player who does not get a spoon receives the letter "S".

The deal is passed to the player to the left and the game begins again. Keep playing until one player has received enough letters to spell " S - U - R - F " .


Big Kahuna 3 or more players

from: Trevor & Corey, Pleasant Hill, CA

Deal 5 cards to each player. Place the remaining cards in a stack face down. Turn top card over in discard pile. Person to the left of the dealer plays first. Players must match either the color or title of the surf card on top of the discard pile. If the player does not have a match, they must draw a card from the stack or if they have one of the following cards they may play it:

Wipe Out - draw 4, next player must draw four cards and looses turn.

Overhead Monster - change suit to color of choice.

Cutback - reverse direction of play

Play until first player is out of cards.When player has one card left, they must shout out "Big Kahuna" prior to placing 2nd to last card on the pile. If player fails to shout "Big Kahuna" on their second to last card played they must draw two additional cards from stack.

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